How to Enable and Configure Document IDs in SharePoint 2010

Video length: 4:00

Video Description: This video walks through the process of enabling and configuring Document IDs in SharePoint 2010 Server.

Documented video steps below:

First a few comment around Document IDs:

  • The first thing to decide is whether you must activate the Document ID feature. Although it can be very useful, if your organization does not require it, there is no reason to activate and configure it.
  • Bear in mind that you activate the Document ID feature at the site collection level. Therefore, you may want to activate it on specific site collections depending on the document retrieval requirements.
  • The Document ID feature attaches unique identifiers to documents that make it easier to retrieve them independent of their current location. 
  • If you decide to activate this feature, you must decide what prefix to use for your unique document identifiers. You can specify a prefix of between 4 and 12 characters.  Typically you want to use department names or whatever name reflects the site collection functional value.
  • The SharePoint Document Center and Records Center have Document ID search capabilities. In addition, Search Service can look up document IDs if the Document ID column is configured as a managed search column.

To activate document IDs and reset all existing document IDs to use the same prefix:

  • Go to your site collection
  • Click Site Actions, Site Settings
  • Under Site Collection Administration, click Site collection features
  • Next to Document ID Service, click Activate
  • Go back to Site Collection administration, click Document ID settings
  • Verify that Assign Document IDs is checked, add your prefix. For example: SALES
  • Select the Reset all Dcoument IDs in the Site collection to begin with these characters and click OK

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