Activate and Configure In Place Records Management in SharePoint 2010

Video length: 2:49

Video description: This video walks through the process of activating and configuring In Place Records Management Feature in SharePoint 2010.

Documented video steps below:

In SharePoint Server 2010, a record is a document or other electronic entity in an organization that can provide evidence of an action or transaction that the organization performs. Records must be retained for a given period of time.

Records management is the process by which you:

  • Consider which kind of information it should declared as records.
  • Decide how it should handle documents that will later become records
  • Decide how and how long to retain each record type to comply with legal, business, or regulatory requirements. This link ( shows you how to define retention policies
  • Perform routine tasks on its records, such as disposing of expired records

To activate & configure the In Place Management feature

  • Browse to your site collection
  • Click on site settings, Site Collection Administration and click on Site collection features
  • Activate the In Place Records Management feature
  • Under Site Collection Administration click on Record Declaration settings
  • Under Record Declaration Availability click Available on all locations by default and then click OK
  • Switch to a document library, if you don’t have any documents, upload a document, otherwise, pick a document drop down arrow and select Compliance Details.
  • In the dialog box click Declare as a record.
  • In the Message from webpage click OK
  • Open Compliance Details again to verify that the document is now a record.

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