Configuring a Document Retention Policy in SharePoint 2010

Video length: 3:26

Video description: This video walks through the process of configuring a document retention policy of a content type in SharePoint 2010.

Documented video steps below:

Information Policy Retention Policy helps to retire or process content in a consistent way that you can track and manage. When a content item expires, you can specify that it is disposed of.

To configure a retention policy on a content type:

  • Browse to your site                                                                                                                                                
  • Click Site Actions, and then click site settings.
  • Under Galleries, click site content types
  • Choose the content type you want to configure the policy against. This is where you can choose your custom content type that you created.
  • Under settings select Information manager policy settings
  • Select Enable Retention and then click on Add a retention stage. In the retention stage select a date field you want to go by and select your time period.
  • Under Action, choose your retention setting whether to move to the recycle bin or to permanently delete, etc.
  • Click OK

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