Configuring SharePoint 2010 to Search File Shares

Video length: 7:37

Video description: This video walks through configuring SharePoint 2010 Search Service Application to crawl and search the contents of a file share.

Documented steps below:

To Configure SharePoint 2010 to search your file shares, follow the following steps

  • Create the search service application
  • Create a file share content source, configure and run a full crawl
  • Create an enterprise search center site collection
  • Bind the Site Collection’s web application to the search service application
  • Search for files and their content

To create the search service application:

  • Launch SharePoint 2010 Central Administration
  • Under Application Management, click Manage service applications
  • Click New, and then click Search Service Application
  • In the Create New Search Service Application box, provide a name for your service application, provide a Search Service Account, this account must be a managed account and it will be the same for all search services in the farm.
  • In the Application Pool for Search Admin Web Service section, configure the application pool name by either levereging an existing one or creating a new one and provide the securty account to be used as its identity.
  • In the application pool for search query and site settings web service section, configure the application pool name by either levereging an existing one or creating a new one and provide the security account to be used as its identity.
  • Click OK to Create and ok to Save the topology once the service application is created.

To create a for file share content source and crawl it:

  • Launch the search service interface which is the default screen after creating the search service or you can get to it by highlighting your search service application and then clicking on manage from the ribbon
  • Click on the Content Sources link in the Quick Launch area.
  • Click on New Content Source, provide a name and in the Content Source Type section, click File Shares and in the Start addresses box, provide your file share (Ex: \\ServerName\FileShare)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and schedule/examine the full and incremental crawl schedules.┬áSelect the Start full crawl of this content source check box to start the crawl and then click OK. Note, this is optional, but if you don’t want to wait for the crawl schedule to kick in, go ahead and check it.

To create an enterprise search center site collection

  • Under Application Management, click Create site collections, provide a title for the site collection
  • Under Select a template, click the Enterprise tab, and then click Enterprise Search Center.
  • Provide a Site Collection Administrator and click OK

To bind the site collection’s web application

  • Under Application Management, select Manage Web Applications, Select the web application where the site collection resides and from the ribbon click Service Connections from the manage section of the ribbon.
  • Change the Edit the following groups of connections to [custom] if you’ve created a custom search service application
  • Select the search service application you have configured the file content source within, set it as default and click OK.

Search for files and their contents:

Switch to your site collections, type your search phrase and click on search. Examine the results and ensure that the file share path is listed beneath your search results.

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