Creating Keywords and Best Bets in SharePoint 2010

Video length: 2:13

Video description: This video walks through the creation of search Keywords and Best Bets to help make it easier for users to find secific content when searching

Detailed video description below:

To create keywords and best bets:

Create a Best Bet

  • From your Search Center Site Collection navigate to Site Actions, Site Settings
  • Under the Site Collection Administration section, click Search Keywords
  • Click Add Keyword
  • in the Keyword Information section, the the Keyword Phrase box, type your Keyword (Example: SharePoint Quester)
  • in the Best bets section, click Add Best Bet
  • In the URL box, type your destination URL (Example: Add a title next and a description and then click OK.

Test Best Bet

  • In the search box, type your keyword (Ex: SharePoint Quester) and press Enter
  • confirm that the Best Bet you configured above precedes the query-based search results


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