Configuring a Thesaurus in SharePoint 2010

Video length: 3:46

Video description: This video walks through the configuration of a thesaurus file to build interactions between words in SharePoint 2010

Detailed video steps below:

To configure a Thesaurus:

The example used below will replace “Wave14” or “Wave 14” search results with “SharePoint” results. In other words, if someone searches for “Wave 14” or “Wave14” the results displayed are identical to the results displayed if they had searched for “SharePoint”

Perform a search with the default thesaurus:

  • In your search box, search for SharePoint. Note the total number of results you gett back
  • In your search box, search for Wave 14. Note that you are not getting any result back

Edit the thesaurus file:

  • Open the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Servers\14.0\Data\Office Server\Applications\GUID-query-0\Config
  • Right-click tsenu.xml and click Edit
  • Replace the content of the file with the following:
<XML ID=”Microsoft Search Thesaurus”>
<thesaurus xmlns=”x-schema:tsSchema.xml”>
            <pat>Wave 14</pat>
  • Save the File and close Notepad

Restart the Search Service:

  • Switch to a Command Prompt and type:
  • net stop osearch14
  • net start osearch14

Test the search with the modified thesaurus:

  • Switch back to the search center and in the search box, type your substitute phrase/word: (Ex: “Wave 14” or “Wave14”) and press Enter. You should see same results as “SharePoint” search results renders back

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