Reporting on Site Alerts in SharePoint 2010 Using Windows PowerShell

Video Length: 1:21

Video Description: This video walks through reporting on site alerts in SharePoint 2010 using Windows PowerShell. The script provided can be used against sites or site collections, the results of the script will present the list name, alert title, and the subscribed user all followed by a liner for easy reading.

To get alerts of an entire site, open SharePoint 2010 Management Shell and type in the following script:

 $SPsiteCollection = Get-SPSite “http://SP2010/sites/Finance” foreach($SPweb in $SPsiteCollection.AllWebs)  
foreach($alert in $SPweb.Alerts)
Write-Host “Alerts List :” $alert.ListUrl
Write-Host “Alerts Title :” $alert.title
write-host “Subscribed User: ” $alert.user
Write-Host “==================================”

Replace “http://SP2010/sites/Finance” with a valid site or site collection.

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