Prohibiting Users from Creating a Personal My Site in SharePoint 2010

Video length: 2:31

Video description: This video walks through the process of prohibiting users from creating a SharePoint 2010 Personal My Site.

To prohibit users from creating a personal My Site:

  • Log on as a domain administrator to any domain controller and create a new security group. For example, My Site Users
  • Populate this new group with the users that you want to be able to create a personal My Site
  • Log on to the SharePoint server as a farm administrator and launch Central Administration
  • Navigate to Application Management, Manage Service Applications, User Profile Service Application and then click on manage from the ribbon
  • Click Manage User Permissions in the People section to open the Permissions for User Profile Service Application page and then
    • Select and remove all existing security groups,
    • In the top field, enter the name of the security group you created
    • Set all three options: User Personal Features, Create Personal Sites, and User Social Features¬†
    • Click OK
  • Test the new setting

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