Exploring the Datasheet View Task Pane in SharePoint 2010 Lists

Video Length: 2:29

Video description: This video explores the task pane in the Datasheet view of a SharePoint 2010 list/library.

To explore the Datasheet view task pane:

  • Browse to your SharePoint list (or library) and select the list tab.
  • Click on Datasheet view. Note that the view changes to an Excel/Access like view
  • The task pane button is located to the far right side, click the button to show the task pane. Alternatively, once you are in Datasheet View mode, you will notice a show task pane button appear in the ribbon’s Datasheet section

Use this button to activate features like:

  • Track this List in Access: You can link this list into an Access database, and use it to create reports, or work with its data using all the features of Microsoft Access.
  • Export to Access: This is simply a way to copy all the content of the current list to an Access database table
  • Report with Access: The content of this SharePoint list is copied to Access, and a default report is created.
  • Query list using Excel: Use this option to copy the list content to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Print with Excel: Use this if you want a more controlled way of printing the list content
  • Chart with Excel: If you have columns with numerical or date formatting, you can use these values to create charts
  • Create Excel Pivot Table Reports: Use the column properties to create a dynamic summary of these cell values, typical for pivot tables
  • At the top of this task pane you can also find buttons for actions like sort, cut, copy and paste documents or columns.

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